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For over a decade we have brought expert MScs, PhDs and experienced signatories together to provide industry leading standards to our clients' copy review process.

We work with eight of the world leading 20 global pharmaceutical companies and see over 5,000 of their documents per month. This gives us the ability to provide new members of staff with a varied and in depth introduction to the pharmaceutical industry.


Tania Velez Perez

"A great introduction to the pharmaceutical industry and medical affairs.

We work with a broad range of clients - not just UK-based but global companies - and in a multitude of therapeutic areas so, for me, this is a really enjoyable continuous learning opportunity. I'm building my knowledge and expertise in a way that will leave me with great options for my next step".

Tania Velez Perez, BSc, MSc - Business Unit Director

Matthew Holman

The work-life balance here is great and for me that is really important. Relocation to London is not an option because of my personal situation and, although tailored arrangements are not automatically offered, they came up with a timetable that works really well for both of us.

Even some of my London-based workmates aren't in the office full time. And the IT all runs on big, fast macs so it's a pleasure to use.

Matthew Holman - Senior Account Director

Dr Albert Mackintosh

"The team spirit here is really positive – I couldn't ask for a nicer group of people to work with. They're friendly, supportive and were not at all patronising when I was new to the job!

Top that off with the quality of the office and location and this is a great place to work."

Dr Albert Mackintosh - Medical Reviewer

Hannah Smith

"There's a transparent and fast internal promotion pathway here. People aren't held back; they are given the experience and training they need. I have a colleague who joined us as a qualified pharmacist and came with the aim of becoming a 'final signatory'. That takes not just a high level of reviewing skill but a wealth of experience and breadth too, and the company is giving him exactly that, to ensure that he succeeds."

Hannah Smith, MSc - Business Unit Director

Victoria Marsh

"Having worked with PharmaReview over the years it has been a pleasure to watch the company grow and flourish; since joining in November 2023, I’ve been able to see and hear why. The team here are an outstanding group of talented, dedicated people who delight our customers with our consistent, high quality, fast turnaround. We build enduring, open relationships with our customers taking the time to truly understand our customers needs. It is an absolute privilege to lead this team and support their career progression."

Victoria Marsh - CEO

Career Opportunities

Pharma Review is growing and we’re looking for talented people to join us. There’s a great team here who are an absolute pleasure to work with. We have an excellent office environment in a great location and, with a major new investor now on board, 2022 is the beginning of the next chapter in Pharma Review’s success story.

If you think you could succeed in medical review, why not fill in our contact form here, to find out more? We’d love to hear from you.